[Proposal] What is the minimum amount of LTX to submit a proposal

So for this proposal, I think it really depends on where the price is. For now, I think 1000 would be nice to see since that should weed out spam as well as make sure that someone who’s submitting proposals are involved enough with LTX.

However if the price goes up from here, I could see this being dropped down to 100. But I honestly don’t think we should ever go any lower. Let people vote on proposals with any amount of LTX held, but new proposals should really only be presented by people who are invested into the platform.


Looking at the wallets with <1000 LTX = 770 wallets / total 13 400 wallets = 6%

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Yep, exactly. That’s why I think limiting proposal submissions to only 1000 LTX or greater would be fine as it would still allow the majority of people to submit at this point.


Vote here guys :smiley:

LIP #1: Minimum LTX amount to create a proposal

I agree that if we want to open up proposals to everyone is to have a higher minimum amount - just to fight spam and trolling.

In case a holder with less LTX has a good idea gametheory should make larger holders pick up the idea real quick and then create a proposal!


agree this makes sense :slight_smile:

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Totally agree re: holders with fewer LTX. As we grow, maybe we could even call out a specific forum for those holders to suggest proposals away from the fray and larger LTX holders could “sponsor” the idea by picking up the proposal as you say. I think providing more people who can only afford a bit of LTX with a clear path to participating the same as the rest of the community is a good idea: after all, decentralization is about enabling everyone, not just the few.


I have 10000 locked up in Kucoin staking. I’ve seen a couple others in my position so the count may be on the low side and a bit in accurate

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