Will the launchpad be available to those who can't KYC?

There’s many other launchpads out there, but the biggest issue with many of them are that users from specific countries such as USA are unable to participate due to them being unable to KYC.

I think this is a large untapped market of investors that would love to invest in new projects.

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Definitely agree, but it will likely depend on the launchpad project itself.

In case the launchpad project is centralized and has a company behind it they need to be careful about financial (AML,KYC, CFT) regulations or security laws - which usually leads to citizens of certain nations not being able to participate.

Lets make a simple example:

Imagine company xyz finishes a funding and later gets a letter from the tax department asking where they got their money from - if they cant answer they might be indicted for money laundering.